Geoffrey's Belt

True Love Unbuckled.....

Jane and Geoffrey are a middle aged couple, happily married since their teens. Though very much in love, they find themselves at a crossroads when Jane experiences a sexual awakening that Geoffrey cannot understand. When Jane's frustration leads her to seek an extreme experience elsewhere, she gets a little more than she bargained for and finds herself in perilous danger.

Directed by Tom Bacon

Written by: Tom Bacon & Renee Tillott

Principal cast: Nick Moran, Tracy Ann Oberman, Jilly Bond, Gerard McDermott, Danny Szam, Carl Prekopp. 

Producer: Renee Tillott

Executive Producers: Daisy Gili, Anna MacDonald, Sue Walter, Simon Part & Joe Bateman. 

Cinematography: Peter Emery

Editor: Bridgette Williams

Costume design: Michelle May

Production design: Emma Painter

Composer: Dominic Glynn